Urethral sounding can be very exciting and pleasurable. However, one of the most common side-effects of this sexual activity is burning. You can encounter this burning during, or after urethral play. In order to stay safe, it is important to tell the difference between normal burning and something that is more alarming. Sounding and burning urethra kind of go together before you get used to the sensation of urethral stimulation. However, some people experience this burning even when they gain more experience. If you are one of the people who get burning during or after sounding, keep in mind that this is normal, most of the time. However, it is important to know to recognize trouble when it happens.


Urethral toys rub against the urethral walls to produce pleasurable sensations. Many people love this feeling and engage in urethral play regularly. Unfortunately, this rubbing can also make the urethra more sensitive. This can cause burning. The rubbing and massaging are pleasurable when they happen and when you are aroused, but after that, you are left burning.

In most of the situations, this is normal. After all, urethra is not made for this sort of insertion so there are no natural mechanisms to prevent the shafting. In some ways, this shafting is what causes pleasurable sensations, so you may even welcome it.

However, the urethra can burn after urethral play because of this shafting. You typically notice this after you go to urinate after urethral play. It can burn to urinate after sounding, and in many ways, this is a normal reaction.

Some people also get some burning during urethral play itself. Again, the cause is shafting and your urethra reacting. If it doesn’t cause much discomfort and if it’s not too strong, you can count this burning as normal.

As you can see, sounding and burning urethra are related. You can expect some burning as a consequence of sounding, especially when you are a beginner in urethral play. To avoid this problem, it is important to use plenty of sterile lube. Make sure to apply lube both on the toy and down your urethra. Simply applying a bit on the urethral opening (pee hole) is often not enough. Try to squeeze the lube down the urethra as far down as possible.

Also, make sure to re-apply lube during sounding. Many times, it dries out and it can result in burning after you are done. Yes, it can be difficult to stop in the heat of the moment, but it is best to re-apply lube. This can prevent some of the burning or it may make burning less strong.


Keep in mind that, while sounding and burning urethra are connected, it can also be a sign of a trouble. Mild burning, particularly during urination right after sounding, is typically not a reason to worry.

However, burning can also be a warning sing that there is something bad going on. Sometimes, you can injure your urethra during play and it will result in sharp pain and stronger discomfort. Burning will be more pronounced and it will last for longer.

This is what you should watch out for. If you notice that the burning is unusually strong or that it doesn’t go away tomorrow, pay attention. If it gets worse, it is a clear sign that something is going on. You should seek medical help in these cases. Remember, it is important to keep yourself safe during urethral sounding. This is the only way to enjoy this activity without a problem.