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Captive Bead Rings

Step into our captivating collection of Captive Bead Rings – a genuine embodiment of artistry within the realm of body piercing jewelry. Spanning from the understated elegance of sleek minimalism to the intricate beauty of more elaborate designs, our selection boasts a versatile array of options curated for the ardent body piercing enthusiast in you.

Elevate your personal style by selecting the impeccable Captive Bead Ring that harmonizes with your distinct individuality. Watch as it enhances your overall look, offering a platform for the expression of your own unique flair. Dive into our diverse range, explore the possibilities, and uncover the perfect piece that seamlessly complements your piercing journey.

Double Ball Closure Pendulum Captive Bead Ring is a 316L Surgical Steel jewelry piece you can use for almost any piercing (nipple, navel, ears, genital piercing, and more). It’s beautifully designed and carefully crafted for the best security and comfort.This Captive Bead Ring has two beads instead ..
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