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Black Leather Stallion Guard Cage - 1 RING

Black Leather Stallion Guard Cage - 1 RING
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SPT - 1495
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The Stainless steel cage is 5CM (2 INCHES) long. At the tip you have a 30MM inner diameter ring and at the base you have a 40MM inner diameter ring. The actual Stainless steel  cage is attached to a leather cock ring via three leather straps. The distance from the leather cock ring to the base of the cage is 6CM and contains one 33MM inner diameter 6MM thick ring.

The whole device is approximately 11.5CM (4.5 INCHES) long. The leather cock ring is lockable and will take a large lock. These are great for dressing up your cock for events, treating larger cocks to chastity experiences and basic tease and denial.

The above-mentioned measurements are taken by stat and are approximate only.

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