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Chastity Cages

Unlock the World of Chastity Play with Premium Devices

Indulge in the exciting realm of chastity play with our carefully curated selection of chastity cages and devices. Explore the pleasure of anticipation and control with metal chastity devices, chastity belts, and men's chastity devices. Our collection caters to all, including gay chastity device enthusiasts.

At Sex Pleasure Toys, we understand the importance of privacy. That's why we discreetly package and swiftly dispatch our products, ensuring your utmost satisfaction and confidentiality. Dive into the world of chastity play and discover the ultimate in sensual control and desire at your fingertips.

Offering superb security and complete confinement of your penis our Rondo II heavy duty chastity cage is a mustTaken from the original Rondo our version is constructed with just one pee hole not nine so easier to clean and less exposed skin for temptation. With a solid walled tube made from 2mm thic..
Ex Tax:£105.00
Keep your cock under maximum security with the Attica Chastity Cage. Stay chaste by imprisoning your cock in its very own Attica jail cell. The Attica Chastity Device features a ringed design so you can look but can’t touch, thus making orgasm denial a fashion statement. It comes with a 46mm hinged ..
Ex Tax:£62.00
The Bird Cage Chastity Device is ready to cage up his cock until you allow him to fly the coupe! This unique chastity device resembles a bird cage allowing airflow, but don't let it fool you it'll keep him secured until you see fit to let him out.Made out of 316L Surgical Steel, with a 45 mm base ri..
Ex Tax:£65.00
The Sadistic Spiked Penis Head Wand is the ultimate CBT toy. Just the sight of this wicked little toy will have YOUR slave begging for mercy Steel Chastity Device is Made: of solid stainless steel, the glans ring has an internal diameter of 34 mm (1 5/16 inch) and a hight of 10 mm (7/16 inch). Princ..
Ex Tax:£52.00
Due to the overwhelming popularity of our Spiral Chastity Device we decided to make the same great chastity device in body safe stainless steel! Our original Spiral Chastity Device was made from iron which is prone to rust if not cared for properly so we’ve gone out and updated the design. We still ..
Ex Tax:£71.00
The Asylum Chastity Device offers a chance to keep your man from obtaining a full erection Imagine having your male partner under your total control, to the point where you can arouse him but he wouldn’t be able to obtain a full, complete erection. The Asylum Chastity Brace is designed to make sure ..
Ex Tax:£50.00
Discreet enough to wear under your everyday clothesOpen design allows for easy urination, bathing and showeringLocks with a hex screw, for further security you can attach a padlockOnce you’re fully locked in, you’re trapped - you can’t pull out and there’s no escapeMade from fine quality, body frien..
Ex Tax:£285.00
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