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Rondo II Heavy Duty Chastity cage

Rondo II Heavy Duty Chastity cage
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Offering superb security and complete confinement of your penis our Rondo II heavy duty chastity cage is a must

Taken from the original Rondo our version is constructed with just one pee hole not nine so easier to clean and less exposed skin for temptation. With a solid walled tube made from 2mm thick steel your shaft will be fully enclosed. The Rondo II Heavy Duty Chastity Cage is secured by a pin which is then locked firmly in place, the benefit of a durable chastity device such as this is that it won't get pulled off, or plastic rings broken, which can sometimes happen with CB users. Your balls sit between the tube and the ring, the tube is comfortable and sturdy and so is the ring, so your family jewels are safely locked away.

The inside diameter is 4.5cm (1.75 inches)

Additional Information

Inner Diameter Cage and ring: 44mm (1.75 inches)

Length Cage: 14cm (5.5 inches)

Size:  One Size

Contents 1 Chastity Cage, 1 x 45mm ring, 1 padlock, 2 Keys

Material : Stainless Steel

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