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The Enforcer Male Chastity Tube

The Enforcer Male Chastity Tube
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SPT - 1428
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Chastity tube with a bdsm twist!

Not only is The Enforcer super secure it has three adjustable 2cm screws which can be used to inflict pain when necessary, ooh what fun! The Enforcer Chastity Tube is manufactured from top quality stainless steel, so it is body friendly and comfy to wear (at least until you turn those screws!). Additionally due to the use of this material it won't rust or tarnish.

This Chastity Tube is secured in place with a hand-cuff style lock that's fastened around the base of the cock and behind your testicles. It is open ended for easy cleaning and urinating, but no touching! Slip it on, lock yourself in and hand your key over to your Keyholder for a chastity experience of a lifetime.

Additional Information

Inner Diameter    Cage:  4.3cm (1.7 inch)

Length    Cage :  11cm (4.3 inches)

Width    Ring :  Adjustable, 53mm, 50mm, 47mm, 44mm, 41mm

Size     : One Size

Contents      : 1 Chastity cage, 1 Handcuff lock, 1 Padlock, 2Keys

Material     : Medical Grade Stainless Steel

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