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Devil's Pitchfork Urethral Stretcher

Devil's Pitchfork Urethral Stretcher
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SPT - 1460
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The Devil's Pitchfork Urethral Stretcher is gonna make you so excited you may grow some horns yourself. It is highly polished surgical steel with a twist from the bottom to the top of the inserted portion, then it has devil horns for a glans ring for a little extra sensation on the penis. This is a cum through penis plug.

The tip of the Pitchfork starts at 8mm and twist up to 12mm of insertable delight. The glans ring isn't a full ring, but instead offers the "horns" that will give the extra pressure sensation. No matter the day and whether you are being good or bad, you will definitely be "horny" when wearing the Devil's Pitchfork.

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