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3 Prong Anal Speculum

3 Prong Anal Speculum
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A professional bit of kit that no medical fetish bag should be without. This stainless steel rectal speculum allows you to take a closer look inside the anus and helps to dilate to assist larger insertions by stretching the outer sphincter gently.

This Mathieu rectal speculum is a medical-grade device made from surgical steel. The tip is made up of three overlapping parts which expand away from one another when the handles are squeezed.

Measuring up with a 2.5-inch circumference tip when closed, it can be gradually widened to 5.75 inches in circumference by squeezing the handles to open the three-prong tip. A retainer screw allows you to fix the the tip for an opening of any width between 2.5 inches and 5.75 inches.

The tip measures 3.5 inches in length and will aid the insertion of tubes for enemas and colonic hydrotherapy as well as anal sex toys that will fit within the 1.1 inch wide and 1.5 inch high opening that is created when the device is open at its largest setting.

The entire speculum measures 4 inches across at the widest point and 8 inches long.

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