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Active Constriction ring

Active Constriction ring
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Active Constriction ring

Active Erection Rings are a natural device for alleviating erection difficulties. The medicinal silicone is non-irritant and, with gentle pressure, prevents blood from flowing back. 

Erection Rings made from medicinal, non-irritant silicone are a natural device for keeping the penis erect. Four different sizes, allow for individual fitting.

By placing them on the penis, blood, which keeps the spongy body stiff, is stopped from flowing back. This maintains the erection and allows for long-lasting sensuous intercourse. 

medesign's Erection Rings are easy to use and a natural aid for self-help.

Further Information

The Erection Ring should not be worn for more than 30 minutes – this can lead to injury of the blood vessels. Handling is eased by using medesign's Endurance Lubricant. 

Material:   Medical silicone. 

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