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Deluxe Combo Vacuum Therapy ED Device

Deluxe Combo Vacuum Therapy ED Device
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Vacuum Therapy -  The Vacuum Erection Device (VED) is capable of restoring sexual function in up to 90% of impotent men. As a non-invasive and low cost option to chemical and surgical procedures to treat impotence, vacuum therapy provides a relatively high probability of a successful erection and is ideal therapy for treating erectile dysfunction. Includes  Battery pumps, Manual Pump Head,  4 different size rings with ring loading applicator, Body Shield, discrete carrying case.Includes:

  • A rigid, smooth, round-ended, clear cylinder, 8.5 inches in length by 2 inches in width.
  • A very effective, durable battery powered pump motor constructed of high quality plastic with a vacuum release valve which allows you to control the amount of pressure required. The motor is especially low in noise output.
  • A Manual Pump Head with vacuum release valve. 
  • 2 sizing of cylinder inserts for a custom fit. Many vacuum systems do not include these essential items.
  • 4 Premium Erection Rings, of various sizes, very soft and durable.
  • A loading cone, to enable easy loading of erection ring onto the cylinder.
  • A neat, discrete travel case.
  • 5oz Tube of Aquagel Lubricant.  Instruction Booklet


You will probably find that the system works best with you in the standing position. To assemble the unit, place the end of the hand pump or battery pump into the open end of the penis cylinder and push down firmly. Practice using it against your hand. You should feel the pressure of the vacuum. If not, move your hand around to create a better seal. To release the vacuum, press the release valve on the pump. You will feel the pressure drop and your hand will be released.

You will notice two large cylinder rings of different sizes in the kit. These are used to reduce the diameter of the cylinder if the penis is narrow. To start with, try the pump without these rings; if you find that your penis is too small for the cylinder then try the largest ring first by inserting it into the open end of the cylinder.

Step 1: Place the loading cone onto the open end of the cylinder. Select the largest erection maintaining ring and pull it over the cone and onto the end of the cylinder. TIP: You may find it easier to load by placing some lubricating gel on the cone. You may also find it easier without the loading cone to just stretch the ring over the cylinder    

Step 2: Trim the hairs at the base of your penis, as these can get interfere with the performance of the vacuum.

Step 3: Lubricate the inside of the cylinder with your finger to a depth of about 2 inches. Lubricate the tip, shaft and base of the penis.

Step 4: In the standing or sitting position, place the cylinder over the penis and twist gently back and forth to make an airtight seal against the body, making sure that the testicles are not in the cylinder. While holding the open end of the cylinder against the abdomen, with your other hand depress the hand lever. If you are using the batter pump, just simply press the on/off button. Pump 2-3 times, and then stop to allow time for the blood to flow evenly into the penis. After about 10 seconds, you should pump another 2-3 times and then stop and wait another few seconds for the blood to flow. Continue with this start/stop process until a full erection is achieved. Pumping too fast may prevent you obtaining an adequate erection. Stop if you feel any discomfort and wait until the discomfort subsides (See safety notice below). If you find that your scrotum (testicles) is been sucked into the penis cylinder, you can use the Base of penis cushion ring to prevent this. Simply stretch it and slip it over the penis and onto the base prior to pumping. Using some gel will help it to go on and you may also need to make small cuts in the cushion ring inner circle if you find it is too tight.

It may take some practice before the blood vessels in your penis become used to this process and an erection can be obtained easily. Soon you will become very competent and will find your own technique which works best for you. TIP: Practice obtaining an erection this way and when you are more confident you can start to use the erection rings.

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE: The hand pump trigger is designed so that harm cannot be caused by the vacuum system in that the trigger will snap if it is excessively ‘over-pumped’. Therefore, to prolong the life of the system and reduce discomfort to the penis, DO NOT force the trigger. After pumping, allow the vacuum time (several seconds) for blood to flow into the penis before re-pumping.

Step 5: The Rings. Begin by using the largest ring which should have been placed over the open end of the cylinder by using the loading cone or manually if preferred. If the first ring does not hold your erection, then try the next size. Continue experimenting this way until you find the least constrictive ring that maintains your erection. To use the rings, pump until an erection is observed through the cylinder. Stop pumping and slide the constriction ring off the cylinder onto the base of the penis. To remove the cylinder, press the vacuum release button on the hand pump to release the vacuum. With the proper size ring in place, the erection should be suitable for intercourse. TIP: If using one ring is not sufficient for an erection, you could try using two together.
Step 6: Constriction ring removal. After intercourse, and within 30 minutes, remove the ring from the penis by rolling it off or by pulling the tabs forward. The penis will become flaccid as the ring is removed. Do not use the system again for 60 minutes. The rings are designed to be tight so that they hold the erection in place and they will loosen with use. However, if you feel they are too tight, you can loosen them by stretching or placing them in hot water and then stretching to fit.

WARNINGS: Do not wear the constriction ring for more than 30 minutes at a time. Do not fall asleep with the ring in place. If using the constriction ring becomes painful or produces extreme coolness, bruising or discolouration of the penis, remove the ring immediately; if in doubt consult your doctor.
Your penis may feel a little cool and appear bluish in colour, this is normal. Sometimes red spots may appear on the penis. This is due to using too much pressure and the spots will soon go. Because firmness will be maintained in front of the constriction ring, the base of the penis may pivot. This should not prevent intercourse.

PRECAUTIONS: Erectile dysfunction can be a sign of an underlying cause which may be easily treated. It is advisable to seek the advice of your doctor and to tell him of your plans to use the pump. Use of this system may not be advisable if you have any of the following conditions: A history of priapism (an erection that lasts longer than 4 hours), Leukaemia, Bleeding disorder. Anti-Coagulant Drug Therapy (Warfarin), Spinal Cord Tumour, Some Penile Injuries, Sickle Cell Anaemia. Alcohol and drugs should not be used with this system.

AFTER SALES CARE: This system is guaranteed for 1 year from the date of purchase. The erection rings are not guaranteed. These rings will become less elastic after some considerable use. If you require further supplies, have a problem with the system or need some advice, please contact your retailer who can supply you with further rings.

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