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Ball Flask Stretcher

Ball Flask Stretcher
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SPT - 1393
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Get your stretch on with our Stainless Steel Ball Tamer! The Ball Tamer gives your balls a good active stretch as the 1.3 kg flask pulls down on your low hangers. First slip the stainless steel collar around your ball sack and lock it into place with the allen bolt. Then when you’re ready for an extreme ball stretching session attach the flask to the ball stretcher with the allen bolts at the top.

For the hard core ball stretchers among you, try adding additional weights with the built in hanger or fill the flask with water or ball bearings!

Circumference         23.75 (9.35 inches)

Height                        8.2cm  (3.23 inches)

Inner Diameter        3.5cm (1.38 inches)

Overall Diameter     7.6cm (2.99 inches)

Product Weight        1.3kg

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