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Ball Stretcher Weight with Crotch Spikes

Ball Stretcher Weight with Crotch Spikes
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SPT - 1522
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The Ball Stretcher Weight with Crotch Spikes is a great device ideal for those who want their stretcher to be intense and to provide the most noticeable results. It comes equipped with 6 tantalizing 1 1/8″ spikes made for additional stimulation.

The weight is made of smooth Surgical Steel, so it’s smooth, durable and completely body-friendly. The spikes provide an exciting feeling of painful pleasure you will love to experience!

The spikes are adjustable so they can extend a short way inside the ball weight and a long way out between your legs. This way, you can adjust the level of sensation you experience.

This ball weight is made to be just like any other metal ball stretcher: powerful and effective. However, it comes with a bit of extra erotic stimuli you will sure appreciate. The spikes are removable so you can unscrew them any time.

The weight itself is 35 mm (without the spikes), and the spikes go down to about ¾ of an inch. However, the spikes are adjustable so you don’t have to go that small. The weight is 14 mm high (without the spikes).

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