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Heavy Donut Ball Weight Stretcher

Heavy Donut Ball Weight Stretcher
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SPT - 013H
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Get the Heavy Donut Ball Weight Stretcher and feel the stretch like never before with its increased weight that will make that tugging sensation even more intense! Made from 316L Surgical Steel with a two piece design these weights are made tough. Just fit the two pieces together directly over your testicles and secure it with the inset hidden screw using the included allen wrench. The heaviness of this weight may eliminate the need to wear multiple stretchers to achieve the same result, however you can of course stack them as always if desired (and if you can handle it). The "Worlds Most Comfortable Ball Weight" just got better!

Tall x Internal ID and Approxi Weight is as follows:
40mm Height x 26mm Internal Dimensions  ( 1003 Grams )
40mm Height x 28mm Internal Dimensions  ( 1057 Grams )
40mm Height x 30mm Internal Dimensions  ( 1077 Grams )
40mm Height x 32mm Internal Dimensions  ( 1114 Grams )
40mm Height x 34mm Internal Dimensions  ( 1133 Grams )
40mm Height x 36mm Internal Dimensions  ( 1145 Grams )
40mm Height x 38mm Internal Dimensions  ( 1179 Grams )
40mm Height x 40mm Internal Dimensions  ( 1386 Grams )
40mm Height x 42mm Internal Dimensions  ( 1420 Grams )

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