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Kalis Teeth Bracelet- KTB

Kalis Teeth Bracelet- KTB
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The Kali’s Teeth Bracelet forces you to avoid all sexual thoughts in order to prevent a painful erection

Think of it as an erection punishment device. Once you’re locked in, you will want to refrain from becoming aroused at all costs. Talk about forced chastity! If you even get a tiny tingle in your member, the KSB’s internal spikes will make short work of nipping it in the bud. Once those painful spikes sink into your penis the only solution is to get your penis limp as soon as possible. The longer you have an erection, the longer those spikes punish you.

Both sizes come with two rows of teeth; The 1.5 inch diameter bracelet has a distance/diameter of 2.5cm (.98 inch) from spike to opposite side spike and the 1.75 inch diameter bracelet has a distance/diameter of 3.4cm (1.35 inches) from spike to opposite side spike.

Wearing a Kali’s Teeth Bracelet really trains you to fear and hate your erections. The hinged design makes putting it on a snap. To ensure the KTB stays locked try locking the KTB to a ring placed behind your balls.

Additional Information

Inner Diameter  : 1.5 inch and 1.75 inch diameters. Spikes: .98 inch and 1.35 inch

Width  : 2.5cm (1 inch)

Size :  Medium 1.5 inch and  Large 1.75 inch diameters

Material : Medical Grade  Steel

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