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2 Piece Rolling Ball Stretcher

2 Piece Rolling Ball Stretcher
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SPT - 1452
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Get the unique feel of the 2 Piece Rolling Ball Stretchers, with it's rounded design in various sizes (see size specifications). The 316LVM Surgical Steel two piece design makes this piece not only High Quality, but also a breeze to use and to sanitize.

The number of ridges start at 2 ridges and go up to 5 ridges depending on the size you order.

It will look as though you have several of the single round ball weights stacked on top of each other, but without the risk of pinching between each of the weights as this is all one solid piece.

  Size            x                      Weight

14 x 35mm    x        7.7 Ounces ( 218 Grams )

14 x 40mm        x        6.8 Ounces ( 192 Grams )

28 x 35mm    x       14.6 Ounces ( 413 Grams )

28 x 40mm    x       11.8 Ounces ( 335 Grams )

42 x 35mm    x       1 Pound 5.1 Ounces ( 600 Grams ) 

42 x 40mm       x         1 Pound 1.2 Ounces ( 487 Grams )

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