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Ultimate CBT Ball Stretcher and Crusher with Spikes

Ultimate CBT Ball Stretcher and Crusher with Spikes
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Ball stretching, ball crushing and spikes - This is one destructor of balls to rule them all! If you’re looking for an all in one cock and ball torture device that will stretch and crush your balls at the same time then look no further than the Ultimate CBT Ball Stretcher and Crusher with Spikes. This easily adjustable ball stretcher stretches your balls with precision pressure. Simply use the thumb screws to dial in the delicious pain. Once you’ve got your balls as low as they can go, this is where the real fun begins! For your ball crushing pleasure, use the wing nuts to adjust the pressure on the double sided crushing plate. Choose from the smooth side for solid crushing pressure or use the spiked side and get those spikes digging in deep. The row of seven scintillating spikes will make their presence well known as they stay pressed firmly into your ball sack.

If ball stretching isn’t your thing you can still use the Ultimate CBT Ball Stretcher and Crusher with Spikes – Simply remove the second ball ring and use it with just the crush plate instead. It’s also a great choice for those just starting out in ball stretching who have goals of having a low hanging pair but can’t resist the temptation of testicular torture.

To put on the Ultimate CBT Ball Stretcher and Crusher with Spikes, remove the wing nuts and crushing bar. Use a hex key to remove the hex bolts from the ball stretchers. The two ball stretchers should now swing open using the built-in hinge mechanism. Place your ball sack inside and take care when closing the device to avoid pinching. Now lock yourself in with the hex bolts and replace the crushing bar. Now you’re ready for intense CBT the way you like it.

Height                            11.5cm (4.53 inches)
Inner Diameter             Both rings are 3.55cm (1.4 inches)
Length                           Spikes are 8mm long
Overall Diameter         Rings 6.2cm (2.44 inches)
Width                            13.67cm (5.38 inches)
Adjustable                    Use the wing nuts and thumb screws to get the perfect stretch and crushing pressure

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