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Hank's Dilator Set

Hank's Dilator Set
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SPT - 1380
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Hank's Dilator Set is a great way to start stretching or to expand your collection. Like other urethral dilator sets but with a twist you don't want to miss. This set is available in twelve sizes on 6 sounds starting at 9 and going to 20 (French) but the thing that makes Hank's special is the perfectly placed smooth "bead". So once you are in and working the dilator to achieved pleasure you get that unexpected "ooh-ohh" added by the round ridge or bead placed about 1/4 of the way down each end of the dilator. It's just enough to get you where you want to be and puts the extra pressure inside you. The surgical steel set is 10 3/4" long and comes in a leather zipper case.

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