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Hohnberg Urethra Stretcher

Hohnberg Urethra Stretcher
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SPT - 1674
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Explore the erotic world of Urethral Stretching with the Hohnberg Urethra Stretcher and bend to it's will over your sexual pleasure and all the fun it will provide! This 11 inch long beauty that is made from 316L Surgical Steel starts at a diameter of approximately 9mms and gradually increases to a max diameter of just under 14mms. Not only is this baby hollow to allow passage of bodily fluids, but it also has a ring on the end to assist in removal and prevent over-insertion. It's smooth design assist in stretching without any ridges to worry with, and it's mirror like finish makes it a beauty to behold while you play. Not only is it the perfect piece to help you achieve your stretching goals, but it will also make the process fun and erotically rewarding!

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