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Hooked Smooth Urethral Sound

Hooked Smooth Urethral Sound
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SPT - 1667
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Once the Hooked Smooth Urethral Sound hooks you the first time you will be hooked forever given all the erotic pleasure it will provide whenever you need it! This beauty has a solid smooth design with a beautiful mirror like finish that won't disappoint! It is made of solid 316L Surgical Steel and measures approximately 5 3/4 inches in length with an approximately 1 inch long hook on the end.

It starts out at approximately 6mms and gradually increases in a smooth line to just under 13mms. When fully inserted some say the hook resembles a Prince Albert piercing, either way it will certainly help with insertion and removal. While the look of this beauty is certainly appealing, the intense erotic stimulation it will provide you with will be what hooks you and keeps you hooked!

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