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The Bullet Urethral Sound

The Bullet Urethral Sound
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SPT - 1256
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The sound is made to be comfortable yet intense, so it can satisfy even the more demanding users.

The sound is about 5 ¼ inches long and it has special ribs made for additional stimulation. These bumps are located on the entire surface of the toy and they are nicely defined so they are intense enough to provide deep stimulation.

This sound is made of high-quality 316LVM Surgical Steel so it’s elegant, durable and completely body-friendly.

The best thing about this toy is that it hasa round end . The ends come in different sizes:

•           The Medium Bullet insertable end. It is about 5mm and it increases up to 7mm.

•           The Large Bullet insertable end. It is about 8mm and it increases up to 11mm.

•           The X-Large Bullet Insertable end. It is about 10mm and it increases up to 14mm.

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