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Ultra comfort adjustable ball stretcher

Ultra comfort adjustable ball stretcher
Ultra comfort adjustable ball stretcher


This Ultra comfort adjustable ball stretcher offers intense play for your male partner Crafted from stainless steel, this ball stretcher has an immens..
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This Ultra comfort adjustable ball stretcher offers intense play for your male partner Crafted from stainless steel, this ball stretcher has an immensely intense sensation for your male partner. What you're doing is placing your partner's scrotum into the rings, such that their testicles are under the bottom ring and the top ring rests at the base of the scrotum. Then you start turning the screws; the first set of screws are for the rings to secure them around the scrotum. The next set screw (the large screw) begins to separate the two rings apart, and thereby stretching the scrotum. This stretch, combined with the built-in weight of the device will give your partner immense testicle pressure. See how far you can go, see how far you can stretch.

Ultra Comfort Adjustable Ball stretcher:

·  Size: 32mm / 1.26" ID (with 34mm / 1.34" top ID) weighs approx.515g / 1.14 lbs Fully and finely adjustable from 30mm / 1.2" (two Round ball weights height) to    approx 130mm 5 1/8".

·  Material: Stainless steel

·  Color: Mirror polished sliver

·  This device is designed to stretch your partner's scrotum

·  The rings easily slip onto the scrotum and closes using screws

·  The large screw separates the rings, and thereby stretching the scrotum

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