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Extra Small Breast System

Extra Small Breast System
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Extra small breast systems are designed for use by women with a chest size of up to 30 inches and a cup size of AA or smaller.  The system comes with two extra small breast cups, which are the ideal size for those with a petite frame.  Also included in the system is the Vesco hand pump, medical-grade silicone tubing, a tee piece kit, full written instructions and a discreet carry case.  The carry case is plain, apart from the Vesco logo, so no one need know what’s inside. 

 Breast enlargement pumps are a natural alternative to pills, which may or may not work, and painful cosmetic surgery, which comes with possible complications, not to mention an expensive price tag.  They work by encouraging blood flow to the breast area, which over time results in firmer and fuller breasts. 

To use the Vesco breast enlargement system, the cups are placed over the breast area before pumping the hand pump.  The pump removes air from the cups and creates a vacuum, which forces blood to flow into the breast, causing it to expand into the cup.  It is recommended to use the extra small breast system for 15 to 30 minutes per day.  When you first start using the breast system you will experience swelling, however over time this swelling will be replaced by real growth.

Vesco extra small breast system is made from high quality materials to the highest standard.  Each of our breast enlargement pumps comes with a 1 year warranty and full email after sales support.

Extra Small Breast System

The Extra Small Breast Enlargement System is designed for those with a chest size of 30 inches or less and a breast cup size of AA or smaller.

The system includes the following;

 1 x Hand pump

Soft silicone tubing and tee piece kit.

2 Extra small breast cups which measure = 10cm long , 7cm wide and 5cm high

Carry case.

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