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The Keeper Cup

The Keeper Cup
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The Keeper Natural Rubber Menstrual Cup
The original and most natural reusable menstrual cup
Made from natural gum rubber latex
Can last up to 10 years with proper care
Made in the USA
Available in 2 sizes
The Keeper is the original and best menstrual cup, made from 100% natural gum rubber latex that will last for 10 years if looked after well. Not only is this great on your pocket since you don't have to pay for disposable sanitary wear each month, it's also great for the environment as you'll reduce the amount of used pads and tampons that end up on landfill sites.

When inserted, the Keeper forms a gentle suction with the vaginal walls and collects your menstrual blood. You can wear it for up 12 hours, after which time you remove it, pour away the liquid down the loo and rinse it out before reinserting.

The Keeper is available in 2 sizes; A for women who have given birth vaginally and B for everyone else.

Please note; the Keeper is not suitable for women who suffer from a latex allergy.

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